Superior Energy Without the Crash

Unlike many pre-workouts loaded with sky-high caffeine, TR8IN's 8 Pre Workout takes a balanced approach. We focus on a comprehensive formula that goes beyond just caffeine. Our blend uses ingredients like Dynamine and TeaCrine for sustained energy, alongside focus-enhancing elements and performance boosters, allowing you to push through your entire workout without the jitters.

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Transparent Ingredients

We don't hide behind hidden blend labels like other brands.We outline exactly what's in every blend & how each ingredient works to unleash your full potential!

Improved Performance

Our blend of ingredients helps maximize your performance in the gym and muscle recovery after, allowing for more impactful elements to elevate your lifts.

Sustainable Energy

With only 75g of caffeine per serving, our pre workouts provide workout energy without the anxiety, stomach pains and jitters typically associated with pre-workouts.


Developed with a scientifically formulated blend, 8 Pre-Workout offers a unique combination of ingredients to enhance your training and maximize your results.

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Our unique combination of ingredients was formulated to enhance your training and maximize your results, without the long list of consequences that other brands bring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on transparency and superior customer service.

Elev8tion fitness is the parent company of TR8IN. Owned by the same people, Elev8tion is a chain of top quality fitness centers located in Miami, Palm Beach, and Las Vegas, priding themselves on providing their members with the most exclusive equipment on the market. 

Yes! We have 1 to 2 scoop options available, providing as low as 75mg of Caffeine in a serving. We created a formula with a unique blend to provide energy and focus from multiple angles, putting a smaller emphasis on caffeine in comparison to competitors. Please consult with your doctor before starting any new supplements.

This is the breakdown of our ingredients and their benefit to you for your lifts in the name of education and transparency.

Right now we have grape and lemonade available. Can’t decide which one to commit to? Try our sample packs to see what flavor fits your taste the best. 

Yes! Our high quality blend invests in a better energizing pump, moving away from a caffeine heavy formula, to a well rounded mix to give you quality energy and focus.

Our Intra Workout powder is for our heavy lifters, the dedic8ed ones who are in the gym longer than others. To keep you performing at your best from start to finish, take a scoop of Intra Workout to hit your target weights and fuel you to the end. 

Only if you want to see maximum results. The 30 minute window (referred to as the anabolic window) after a workout is the most important time to refuel your muscles. Our blend of creatine and protein, mixed in with a delicious berry flavor, delivers on all fronts in terms of post workout recovery.